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Saturday, April 18, 2009

About the Wendell Howe Twitter Site

I am a writer. Okay, I admit it, I'm out of the closet (or is that bookcase?) I gave it up once. I was ink free for twenty years. I fell off the wagon. When I began writing again I suddenly felt more alive than I had in decades. I am a born again writer (the Christians don't have a copyright on that, do they?)

I am currently working on a series about time travel. The subject leads itself to absurd complications. The main character (the one who makes things happen) is Dr. Serendipity Brown, who invents time travel in the year 2353. Hey, why is it always a man who invents time travel? Why not a woman? We're always trying to set the clock back. If anyone invents time travel, it will be us! Her very first trip is to 1985 where she accidentally picks up a 19 year old McDonald's employee named Sherman Conrad. Sherman hates his dead end job and dead end life and doesn't want to go back. He becomes my POV (point of view) character. On her second trip in an untested Time Machine, Serendipity breaks down in the 19th century where she meets Dr. Wendell Howe, a Temporal Anthropologist from the 27th century who is studying the Victorian Age. He ruins his career helping Serendipity, so she hires Wendell as her Time Travel Consultant. So begin the adventures of Dr. Serendipity Brown and her two time travel companions.

Like every other writer who ever lived, I hope someday to publish. It's probably too soon to be marketing a book that isn't out there yet. But I have a husband who is convinced I'm the next Hemingway. He badgered me into setting up a Twitter site and inflicting myself on the world. I got bored and decided it would be more fun to set up a Twitter site for one of me characters. I made it four years before my story. At this point Serendipity is probably going through a nasty divorce. Sherman is getting wedgies in gym class. Wendell would have the more intersting life. So these tweets are the day to day life of a Temporal Anthropologist. Wendell_Howe is an experiment in writing, trying to tell a story with Twitter. If nothing else it illustrates Wendell fascinating yet dreary life before he meets Serendipity. You can follow Wendell at the link below.