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Friday, November 22, 2013

Indies First Day - Support Your Local Indie Bookstore

Saturday, November 30th (the day after Black Friday) is Small Business Saturday—aka “Indies First” Day. Indie authors aren’t the only Indies. There are indie musicians, indie film-makers or in this case Indie Bookstores. The mark up on books is one of the lowest in retail, so a person opens a bookstore as an act of love rather than to get rich. And with corporate booksellers and Amazon, Indie Bookstores are becoming an endangered species. They are too endearing to be allowed to disappear.

So Sherman Alexie has called all authors to help support their local Indie Bookstore. (Here is his letter to all of us.) Go to your friendly neighborhood book dealer. Sell your books. Sell other people’s books. But most importantly “sell” the store!

I’m going to be at Adventures Underground on Indie’s First Day. I will be sharing the limelight with Patricia Briggs...okay, the edge of the limelight. Patty has made the New York Times Bestsellers list and I am a big fan (go buy her books!) Her most popular series is about werewolves, vampires and faes all living in the Tri-Cities, urban hub of the Scablands. She has probably done more than anyone to let the world know we do exist—although I’m sure everyone outside the Scablands thinks she made this place up. Patty is a nice person--she will be spending most of her time at the store suggesting others peoples’ books to shoppers. Tis a noble shadow I shall stand in.

If you are in the Tri-Cities drop by. If you are not in the area (and 99.99% of you aren’t) please do your part to help your local Indie Bookstore. If you are an author find a local mom and pop establishment and offer your help November 30th. Write a blog to promote “Indie First Day.” As for you readers, go to your local Indie and buy Christmas presents. My book can now be ordered by most bookstores (hint, hint.) Well, at least buy one of Patricia Briggs books.

Adventures Underground - a geek friendly store that has a place for gamers to meet. They also are nice to Indie Authors. They have a huge selection of new and used book and can ship anywhere in the world! (So you can be there in spirit.)

Patricia Briggs -  If you haven’t read her, start with Moon Called, the first of her Mercedes Thompson series. (Mercy is an auto mechanic by day, coyote shape-shifter by night.) Patty really captures the Tri-Cities. It’s the perfect place for werewolves, vampires and fairy folk to hide since no one seems to know the place exists.

Sherman Alexie - for those of you who don’t know who Sherman Alexie is, don’t worry. Your great grandkids will be reading him in Lit Class.
A conversation with Sherman Alexie

In my book, Walking a Fine Timeline, I have my character, Dr. Serendipity Brown, speaking at an Energy Symposium at the University of Washington in the Sherman Alexie Theater in the year 2353. I’m not sure when they built that theater to the state’s illustrious native son, but it will be built someday.

Saturday, November 30, 2013 (9:44 p.m.) update:

Photo by author Ellen Tomaszewski
The event went well. The owner was delighted. I think we helped sales. I hoped all of you helped out your friendly neighborhood Indie Bookstore wherever you may be. (If not, makeup days will be accepted.)

I had a fan come up and gush over me. She said she loved my stories so much. I was quite thrilled by this and thanked her. Then she said "I've read all your Mercedes Thompson books!" I explained I wasn't Patricia Briggs and pointed her over to Patty. Hey, I'll take any praise...even that meant for someone else.

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